BTC Direct - Buy Cryptocurrency with Credit Card

BTC Direct – Buy Cryptocurrency with Credit Card

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple in 3 easy steps.


Create your account quick and easy. Make sure you verify your account if you want to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card.

2. Create a wallet

Store your cryptocurrencies in a wallet of your choice. A wallet is similar to a digital bank account which you use to send, receive, and manage your Bitcoin. You can create an online wallet in less than ten minutes!

3. Buy or Sell cryptocurrencies

Start your first purchase with either a payment card or a bank transfer. You can already place an order to buy bitcoin for as little as 10 euros; the coins will be in your wallet within a few minutes! At BTC Direct you can’t just buy bitcoin, you could always sell them to us as well.