Buy Cardano ADA with iDEAL

Buy Cardano with Credit Card

Buy Cardano ADA with a Credit Card

Do you want to buy Cardano (ADA)? We have the best brokers and exchanges where you can buy Cardano (ADA) with a Credit/Debit Card. Pay with your Visa or Master card.

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Buy Cardano with a credit card. The fastest and easiest way to buy Cardano. Buy Cardano

Buy Cardano with a Creditcard via BTC Direct on Bitladon

It is possible to buy Cardano indirectly with a credit card on Bitladon. Follow the steps below and you will have your Cardano within a few minutes. Before we start: create an account on BTC Direct and Bitladon.
  1. Go to Bitladon and click on My Account and click there on wallet.
  2. Scroll down and below the "Echange button" click on "Hide the coins I don't own".
  3. You will see a list with all the coins you can buy there.
  4. Search for Bitcoin and click on deposit.
  5. Copy your Bitcoin wallet address.
  6. Go back to BTC Direct and click in the top menu on Buy/Sell.
  7. Buy Bitcoins, fill in the form and paste your Bitladen Bitcoin walles address where they ask you for your Bitcoin adress.
  8. Click on Buy Bitcoins and finish your order.
  9. They will send the bitcoins to your Bitladon account where you can exchange your Bitcoin for Cardano.
Note: Is this the first time you use your credit card? Then the card must be verified in a video call. We are available on weekdays between 09:00 and 22:00, and during weekends between 12:00 and 17:00. Click on the blue button to start a video call.